Injured Athletes

Whenever an athlete gets injured, or finds themselves not able to perform at a level they previously were, it’s common to seek out an occupational sports therapy rehab. Sports Physical Therapists is a physical sports therapy center that provides excellent physical therapy to athletes in any of their five locations throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. With a friendly staff, 25 years of local service experience, and a community-focused clientele, you’re sure to feel right at home at a Sports Physical Therapists office.


Some injured or subpar-performing athletes have shrugged off the idea of coming to a physical therapist, ignoring the initial signs of a problem due to their apparent lack of importance or seriousness in the beginning stages. Of course, a problem untreated can only get worse, and that is why Sports Physical Therapists is here for all of your needs. In acute care, your initial injury is assessed and diagnosed. In their rehabilitation center, your injury will be progressively maintained with the ultimate goal being full recovery and return to your sport and performance level. Of course, Carmelo Tenuta, principal and partner for Sports, and his staff are also there for prevention and education, identifying and eliminating potential future issues, and sharing specialist knowledge to assist in this prevention, or with managing the injury.


Among their sports physical therapy rehabilitation clinical services, Sports Physical Therapists will define the demands that will be put on the athlete upon returning to work, being sure to take total care of each athlete’s future. For those who need it, they also make bi-weekly evaluations for all work comp patients to be able to determine when the patient can return to work. They even take care of all of the communication between their office and the patient’s employer, leaving no room for miscommunication on anybody’s side.


Also, when you get far enough along in your rehabilitation to return to work, Sports Physical Therapists will provide a Functional Discharge Summary that outlines all of the physical restrictions you need to place on yourself to aid in further recovery. They are also OccuPro certified!


So if you’re looking for sports therapist, Sports Physical Therapists is sure to not disappoint. Their caring clientele service will help you through any pain caused by your sports injury, and get you back to playing at peak performance! They really are in business to take care of you, and as an athlete in their sports therapy rehab program, you ca

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