Why Physical Therapy?

Upon injury, many people have asked the questions, “Why should I go to physical therapy? Why do I need it?” They may think that they just need to prop it up and put an ice pack on it, push through the pain, and move on. Unfortunately, it’s usually those same people, two to five years later, who advocate for the very cause they were so opposed to? Why is that?

Sports occupational therapy is a rehabilitation service, a science-based profession that exists to serve the wellbeing of our bodies, applying science to health care to aid us in the restoration, maintenance, and continuity of functioning optimally. The reason many people regret not going to a physical therapist when they started noticing problems or pain is because that pain, without being treated, only gets worse. As much as we would like it to, the problem does not solve itself, and without proper care, major damage can be caused from a minor injury.

Luckily, that’s why Sports Physical Therapists is in business for the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area.  Sports Physical Therapists is a sports therapy clinic with five locations in southern Wisconsin led by Carmelo Tenuta, principal and partner. Carmelo’s goal in running Sports Physical Therapists is to create a network of service that people deserve. He, and his faculty, have been providing the best possible service for 25 years, and it’s still their most basic desire that your service be personalized and flexible to work with you and your lifestyle. With a true heart for the people, Sports Physical Therapists is a sports therapy clinic for the people, people like you.

As a professional orthopedic and sports physical therapy center, Sports Physical Therapists can help people of any age reach their physicality goals, getting people to a place where they are able to live the life they want to live, all through therapy involving everyday activities. Sports Physical Therapists also specializes in occupational therapy. This service helps treat patients with preventive care, conservative treatments, and rehabilitation for those who have gone through surgery. The therapist will work closely with the patient and the patient’s physician, to provide a unified sense of care and a speedy recovery.

And as if that weren’t enough, Sports Physical Therapists also offers additional services, such as providing customized exercise programs for those who need it, whether for the sake of increasing your range of motion or flexibility, or for strength training. They also offer custom splints to prevent and correct injuries, personal training with basic life skills with advanced methods and equipment, and conditioning, for those who have returned to work.

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