Sports Medicine

Physical Sports Therapist centers specialize in sports medicine, a medical, all sports therapy specialization that exists to serve the needs of those who have been injured in rigorous physical activities.


Sports medicine, or sports exercise medicine, is a kind of medicine profession that exists for the realm of physical fitness, to treat and even prevent injuries that occur during sports or exercise. Sports medicine doctors require specialized training in sports medicine before they can practice, and have extended their education in the musculoskeletal system, enabling them to treat injuries involving muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones, and are also qualified to treat chronic illnesses that may have an effect on one’s ability to perform physically, such as diabetes, or asthma.


Sports exercise medicine specialists also identify and treat any kind of condition or injury that is normal to encounter amongst those whose careers or lifestyles require a lot of physical labor from them. This is usually found in the musculoskeletal system, though can branch out to cardiology issues, underperformance, and other unexplained abnormalities. For athletes on a sports team, typically a team physician is provided and is also present for the athlete’s wellbeing. A sports medicine specialist will be called upon for additional care, and normally will communicate with the team physician to provide a pertinent and consistent system of care.


Concussions, muscle cramps, ACL sprains and/or tears, ankle sprains, shin splints, broken bones, and muscle strains are all on the list of most common sports-related injuries, and sports medicine specialists are there to help treat them all. Of course, these injuries don’t just happen to athletes, and that’s why Sports Physical Therapists exists to help anyone who may encounter any of these common ailments. When you go to any of the five Sports Physical Therapists locations that serve the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin areas, you know you’ll be seeing a specialist experienced in treating these types of injuries and pains, allowing your recovery to be as pleasant, and quick, as possible.


Sports Physical Therapists also specializes in prevention and education, sharing a wealth of specialist’s knowledge with the ones they care for to aid them in the future of their career or sport, to keep each person performing at peak level, throughout and even after rehabilitation. With an immense amount of care for the wellbeing of people, Sports Physical Therapists examines each patient individually, developing a personalized plan for their treatment, and uses special treatment techniques designed for the optimization of movement and reducing pain.


To get the best care sports medicine and sports therapy can offer, be sure to contact Sports Physical Therapists, the physical therapy centers that care for each individual on a personal, compassionate level.

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