Sports injuries

Sports injuries are unfortunately all too common in the world of athleticism. Whether you’re a sports athlete, a bodybuilder, or a newbie in the fitness arena, injuries have proven themselves bound to happen. So when you’re lifting, running, or into CrossFit, and you find yourself having pain in your joints or muscles, sports injury physical therapy is the answer!

At Sports Physical Therapists, you’ll find the best sports therapy in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas! With five locations, there are five different places for you to experience the upscale level of care that their trained, qualified, compassionate staff has to offer. And if you’re hesitant to see a physical therapist, know that they always treat people with understanding, meeting you where you are in your physical therapy needs.

What most people don’t consider is that physical therapy is crucial for your recovery from a sports injury. These injuries can be caused by even the simplest of things like fatigue or bad training habits. As simple as these causes are, these injuries are not to be treated lightly or thought of in a way that you could just cope with it. Even if a sports injury does not have immediate intense pain, if left untreated or without help, pain will only increase, and the injury will only get worse. Receiving physical therapy helps people recover from these injuries, increasing strength and mobility until optimum performance is reached. Physical therapy even helps manage the already existing pain, aiding recovery and leaving you better than you were before with each appointment.

And at Sports Physical Therapists, you can be confident that your post-therapy road is in your favor as well. Sports provides knowledge and exams post-recovery that will help to keep you in best shape, preventing further injuries and continuing to build strength and mobility.

With just one look into Sports Physical Therapists services and programs, it’s easy to tell that they truly are invested into the lives and well-being of their patients. The many positive reviews, an outstanding reputation, and twenty-five years of serving the community, you will receive excellent care at Sports Physical Therapists. Carmelo Tenuta, principal and partner, states that the goal of Sports Physical Therapy is to provide the kind of service that the community deserves. It is their desire to make your sports therapy programs customized to your personal, physical needs. They are flexible with the kind of life that you live, and to work in conjunction with your other physicians to make sure you are in the most consistent cycle and level of care that there is to offer.

For any athlete with an injury, Sport Physical Therapists is the sports therapy clinic to get you back on the field, in the gym, or on the go.

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