Sports Physical Therapists

Sports Physical Therapists provides physical therapy rehabilitation for their clients that is the kind of care that communities deserve. This is the heart and goal of partner and principal, Carmelo Tenuta, who has been offering physical therapy services to the Kenosha area for twenty-five years. It’s common for people to wonder what exactly happens at a physical therapist’s office. What is the goal of incorporating physical therapy into rehabilitation?

Of course, there is the obvious answer of receiving therapy after injuring yourself or undergoing an operation. The goal of physical therapy in this arena is to provide the necessary care for the client to return their original state of well-being, increasing strength and gaining mobility in the inflicted or hurting areas. This kind of care is extremely beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders, as the extreme amount of physical exercise causes wear and tear on the body. However, this is also beneficial for those who are only involved in lighter forms of exercise, as there are many smaller factors that can contribute to injuries that, over time and without proper care, can cause larger problems in the future.

What many people skim over, though, is the fact that sports and physical therapy isn’t a service or program restricted just for the use of athletes and injured people. At Sports Physical Therapists, you can receive preventive training and knowledge that will help you keep away from injuring yourself in the future. If you have already inured yourself though, of course, it’s never too late. When you come in for your first appointment at any of the five locations that serve the Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin areas, you will meet the friendly, compassionate, caring staff who will measure and test your strength, range of motion, posture and stability, even your flexibility, as well as assessing any injury you may have occurred, all to ensure you are given the best, most pertinent care. Many injuries that occur are due to weaknesses that have been too outstanding, bad habits practiced over and over or a weak muscle or bone that gives in during exercise. With physical therapy, you can beat the problems that have plagues you and your body.

And at Sports Physical Therapists, you can be sure that these weaknesses will be turned into strengths, as you are transformed into a stronger, better, healthier you.


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