Wisconsin Sports Therapists

Sports medicine physical therapy isn’t just a medical profession. It’s an art. An art that brings health, well-being, strength, flexibility, and a fresh glow to all who practice it. And at Sports Physical Therapists, you’ll experience a level of care unprecedented by other sports therapy clinics.

You can visit Sports Physical Therapists knowing that you’ll be in good hands with a staff that’s warm and understanding of everyone’s condition. You’ll receive the best sports physical therapy to be found in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas with trained physical therapists and physical therapist’s assistants.

Physical therapy is such a dynamic profession, and the staff at Sports Physical Therapists knows that. With the goal of optimum health in mind, their techniques and technology will help you to recover from any kind of injury taken on in your muscular or skeletal system. The company has five locations spanning the Kenosha area, and is surefire hit if you’re considering any of their services or programs.

Sports Physical therapists keep the working professionals in mind. They provide a wide variety of occupational therapies. For instance, hand therapy for treating cramps, carpal tunnel or swelling causing pain and reduced strength, mobility and flexibility. This is common in professions that involve a lot of hand work like with cooks, carpenters, bakers, and athletes. Hand therapy treats many diagnoses, like tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, arthritis, and distal radius fracture, too. Occupational therapy isn’t limited to simply the professions mentioned. Occupational therapy can help you recover from an operation, prevent further and/or future injuries and pain, and can even help regain and build strength. All of these ailments and more are nothing but a hurdle for the knowledgeable staff at Sports Physical Therapists!

And that definitely isn’t all they have to offer. Sports Physical Therapists also has an industrial rehabilitation program. Powered by OccuPro, industrial rehab is a program designed to help people recover from work-related accidents and injuries. For those injured on the job site, it’s common to feel like you are drowning in paperwork, appointments, and new treatments. But you’ll be treated with the respect and professionalism that you deserve at any of the five Sports Physical Therapists locations. Sports Physical Therapists even keeps up a high level of communication with your other physicians to ensure that you are kept in a proper cycle of the best care possible.

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