Common Physical Injuries and their Rehab Options

Injuries and other physical ailments can damage our body in ways that can impede its movement and compromise its general health. Physical rehabilitation can go a long way in getting us back on our feet via therapeutic and non-invasive medical treatments that can make movements after injuries easier and less painful. The following are some common physical injuries and rehab options that work well for them:

Injuries leading to swelling or inflammation

Ice and heat are considered to be the best treatments for injuries that result in swelling or inflammation. A cold pack for instance can constrict blood vessels when it is applied thus effectively reducing inflammation on the injured body part. However, this is more effective for easing swelling that result from soft tissue injuries. Applying heat on the other hand decreases pain and increases mobility and to the extent that a physical therapist can stretch the limb without aggravating the injury.

 Foot and ankle injuries/pain

We have over 28 bones in our feet and ankles which work together to provide us balance, maneuver trails, absorb impact and bear the entire weight of our body. Ankle sprains, broken toes and aching joints are commonplace in people who are more active than others or involved in sports.

Fortunately, physical therapy that can get them running again exists but only a trained physical therapist is capable of implementing them efficiently. These include joint mobilization, muscle stretches, and contrast baths among other exercises that can make injured toes and feet regain mobility.


Injuries sustained by the neck resulting in pain

Whether you are involved in a car accident or fell asleep at an odd angle or do not have an ergonomically designed chair at work, the muscles of your neck will feel the strain. Prolonged stress can lead to stiff muscles, neck pain and inflamed neck muscles. Physical therapy can be used to adjust your posture and maintain an ideal position for your neck so it won’t result in said injuries. Some of these techniques include strengthening arm, back and chest muscles so that they could give the neck extra support thus preventing injury.

Injuries do not have to make you bedridden permanently but while the human body is extremely resilient there is a limit to its regeneration capabilities. Appropriate physical therapies can allow the body to retain its mobility and get back on the road to recovery faster and without aggravating existing injuries. Sports Physical Therapists can connect you with physical therapists who have had years of experience aiding athletes and injured individuals retain their independence and take control of their body once again. We provide a network of service that covers communities in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

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