7 ways to exercise on a busy schedule

Are you ready to hit 2019 running? The hustle and bustle of the
holiday season may be over, but many of you are still very busy with
your everyday schedule. Here are 7 simple tips to help you stick to
your New Year’s Resolution.

1) Integrate exercise. It’s much easier to accommodate if you find
ways to incorporate activity into your daily routine. Climbing the stairs
to the third floor instead of waiting for the elevator, or parking further
away to get more steps in.

2) Take a fitness class. Instead of roaming the gym looking for a
machine, get together with a workout buddy and join a fitness class.

3) Clean more often. Make your household chores into a workout
session by incorporating ankle weights or squats.

4) Wake up earlier. Morning workouts will boost your metabolism and
have you feeling energized for the day ahead.

5) Workout on your lunch break.

6) Stay off the couch. You can even catch up on your favorite TV show
as you burn some calories on the treadmill with squats and push-ups
during commercials.

7) Keep it interesting. Choose exercises you enjoy, but change up
the routine. The more active you are, the better you will feel and the
healthier you will be.

Dream It. Wish It. Do It!! Happy New Year to all!

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