Benefits of receiving treatment from a Certified Hand Therapist.


Accurate Assessment of Injuries

A Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) has the highest level of hand therapy certification for treating arm and hand injuries.  We are dedicated to providing high quality care in a friendly and encouraging environment.  We take pride in the level of personal and compassionate care that is delivered; emphasizing a “hands-on” approach to rehabilitation and exercise.  We perform comprehensive evaluations and encourage patient input for treatment planning and goal-setting.  Our personalized approach ensures patient cooperation and understanding that enhances proper treatment progression to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.


Non-Invasive, Conservative Treatment Plans

CHTs provide movement-based therapeutic solutions. Many people looking for the most conservative, least-invasive treatment plan possible will find great success with a CHT.  If you want to explore every possible avenue before going the surgical route, then a CHT’s care is just what you need.


Pre and Post-Operative Treatment Plans

CHTs provide care prior to surgery, helping increase your range of motion and improve your surgical outcome.  CHTs also provide post-operative care, getting your hand, fingers, or elbow moving. The more you move most injuries post-surgery, the quicker you will reach maximum medical improvement and the better your outcomes are likely to be. CHTs will devise individualized, treatment plans specific to your needs and abilities.


Improved Functional Outcomes

By developing specific goals, you are more likely to see success with your treatment than if you didn’t have a plan. Working with a CHT isn’t always easy, as it is his or her job to push you and test your limits, but your CHT always has your improvement and best interests in mind. This stretching of your limits helps you reach those treatment goals faster, allowing you to more quickly return to work or your normal daily activities.

Your hand or other upper extremity injury can disrupt your everyday life, but working with a CHT can help you get better faster. See Michelle Shamash, OTR/L, CHT and the entire team at Sports Physical Therapists of Fox Lake.


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