Returning to Sports After Quarantine

This is definitely a unique time for athletics as we deal with the effects of COVID-19 and the athlete’s return to sport and training. Athletes have been separated from their regular training and sport activity for prolonged periods of time during this recent pandemic. Although athletes are thrilled to get back into their sporting activities, are they physically ready after taking some time off?

  • Focus on conditioning early on. Injuries are more common when you are fatigued, if you can improve your conditioning and stamina it will help ensure you are ready to go come game-time and help prevent injuries
  • Start gradual, don’t expect to be in mid-season form after an extended period of time off, allow yourself to ease back into playing shape
  • Make sure to stretch after practice/workouts to help prevent muscle soreness or injuries
  • Continue to follow CDC guidelines for safe physical distancing to stay healthy and help prevent the spread of COVID-19

If you’re experiencing pain when returning to your sport, reach out to a physical therapist at Sports PT to have your pain or injury assessed for free. Assessments and therapy appointments are available in-clinic, in-home, and virtually through our Telehealth platform.

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