Return to work faster with Sports Physical Therapists.

Sports Physical Therapists specializes in treating patients with work-related injuries. The goal of our Industrial Rehabilitation program is to get injured workers back to work quicker. Our Industrial Rehabilitation Specialists will perform a comprehensive evaluation and develop a treatment plan with return-to-work goals specific to each patient’s injury and essential job function.  As Occupro Certified practices, reports are delivered in real time to obtain maximal medical improvement and achieve 100% of the job duty.

While working efficiently to treat your injury, we offer personal one-on-one care that will allow you to comfortably reach your goals and return to work.

Our worker’s comp program will be customized for each situation and may include:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Industrial rehabilitation
  • Work conditioning / work hardening
  • Return-to-work assessments
  • Functional capacity evaluations

Our various screenings, evaluations, and treatments for patients with work-related injuries can include:

  • Evaluating the strength and endurance needed for work-related duties
  • Assessing candidates’ ability to perform work-related duties
  • Education in pain and symptom management
  • Customized treatment plans to meet your personal and work-related goals
  • Personalized home exercise programs
  • Assessments to determine if a patient is fit to return to work after an injury

Keeping Employee’s Safe.

Return to Work Faster.

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