Work Injury Rehabilitation Program

At Sports Physical Therapists, we understand how devastating a work related injury can be. Our Industrial Rehabilitation Specialists will perform a comprehensive evaluation and develop a treatment plan with return-to-work goals specific to each patient’s injury and essential job function. As Occupro Certified practices, reports are delivered in real time to obtain maximal medical improvement and achieve 100% of the job duty.

Here at Sports Physical Therapists we work closely with employers; and, are referred by occupational medicine practitioners to help get injured workers back on the job to their highest level of function.
Sports PT’s Industrial Rehabilitation Program Benefits:
•  Achieve a faster and safer return-to-work program
•  Decrease repeat injuries after returning to work
•  Improved communication between therapist, physician, insurance provider and employer
•  Objectively determine if your client requires continued rehabilitation
•  Accurately determine if your client requires work hardening/conditioning

A care plan for a patient with a work-related injury will include:
• Identification of critical job-related tasks
• Assessment of musculoskeletal injury risk factors
• Prescription of therapy modalities and exercises targeted to the patient’s unique needs

Did you know, with Sports Physical Therapists’ Industrial Rehabilitation Program, the average patient increase of function is 98.8%. The National Average is only 61%. Our specialty at Sports Physical Therapists is getting injured workers back to work healthier and quicker.

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