FAQ’s About Starting Therapy

Q: Why is therapy beneficial and why is it important that I go?

Answer: Therapy is critically important. You may be here rehabbing from a surgery or you may have aches and pains that need to be taken care of. Therapy is important because it will address the underlying cause of your pain instead of masking it or relying on pain medication. It is important to go to your therapy sessions as consistency is important to your progress towards achieving your goals.


Q: What do I expect on my first therapy visit?

Answer: You should expect to be evaluated by a licensed physical or occupational therapist. The physical therapist’s evaluation will vary depending upon your condition. Generally, he or she will assess your strength, mobility, gait (how you walk), as well as perform other tests and measures to determine what is the source of the issues you have been having.


Q: How should I dress for my therapy visits?

Answer: For your therapy visits you should dress in comfortable clothing. Avoid clothing that restricts movement and makes it more difficult to perform activities. Clothing such as dresses, skirts, dress shirts, and suits should be avoided. Yoga pants, tights, t-shirts, shorts and athletic pants are the best apparel to be worn for your session. Wearing comfortable athletic footwear is preferred. Shoes such as heels, dress shoes, slippers and sandals should not be worn.


Q: Will my insurance cover my visits?

Answer: Sports Physical Therapists accepts most insurance plans, if you have questions about insurance coverage please call a clinic near you and ask about insurance coverage.


Q: How long are therapy appointments?

Answer: Therapy sessions usually last about 1 hour. However, depending upon your condition and the plan of care developed by your therapist you may have appointments that are longer and some that are shorter.


Q: Is therapy painful?

Answer: Although therapy is by in large part not painful, it is possible you may experience some pain during your treatment sessions. The goal of therapy is to return you to a pain free way of life. If you have questions or concerns about pain during treatment feel free to contact your therapist.

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