Sports Physical Therapists

How Physical Therapy Can Aid Pain Management

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Did you know that chronic pain, an ongoing pain that lasts for many months, affects more than 110 million Americans each year? The good news is that even excruciating pain can be reduced or managed with aid from a physical therapist who specializes in treating them. This includes: Strength exercises Mobility exercises Manual therapy Posture

Common Physical Injuries and their Rehab Options

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Injuries and other physical ailments can damage our body in ways that can impede its movement and compromise its general health. Physical rehabilitation can go a long way in getting us back on our feet via therapeutic and non-invasive medical treatments that can make movements after injuries easier and less painful. The following are some

Wisconsin Sports Therapists

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Sports medicine physical therapy isn't just a medical profession. It's an art. An art that brings health, well-being, strength, flexibility, and a fresh glow to all who practice it. And at Sports Physical Therapists, you'll experience a level of care unprecedented by other sports therapy clinics. You can visit Sports Physical Therapists knowing that you'll

Your Health Matters

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If you’re looking into sports center physical therapy, look no further than Sports Physical Therapists. Armed to the tee with five locations that serve the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas with twenty-five years of experience, Sports is a community-based therapy provider that is all about delivering the kind of care that people deserve. Have

Sports Physical Therapists

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Sports Physical Therapists provides physical therapy rehabilitation for their clients that is the kind of care that communities deserve. This is the heart and goal of partner and principal, Carmelo Tenuta, who has been offering physical therapy services to the Kenosha area for twenty-five years. It’s common for people to wonder what exactly happens at

Sports injuries

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Sports injuries are unfortunately all too common in the world of athleticism. Whether you’re a sports athlete, a bodybuilder, or a newbie in the fitness arena, injuries have proven themselves bound to happen. So when you’re lifting, running, or into CrossFit, and you find yourself having pain in your joints or muscles, sports injury physical

Rehabilitation Services

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Sports Physical Therapists provides excellent care for those needing sports therapy and rehabilitation services. Physical therapy is an excellent way to make sure you are performing in and maintaining a level of excellence and health. Many people seek out physical therapy to treat an injury or specific pain they may be experiencing, with or without

Sports Medicine

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Physical Sports Therapist centers specialize in sports medicine, a medical, all sports therapy specialization that exists to serve the needs of those who have been injured in rigorous physical activities.   Sports medicine, or sports exercise medicine, is a kind of medicine profession that exists for the realm of physical fitness, to treat and even

Injured Athletes

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Whenever an athlete gets injured, or finds themselves not able to perform at a level they previously were, it’s common to seek out an occupational sports therapy rehab. Sports Physical Therapists is a physical sports therapy center that provides excellent physical therapy to athletes in any of their five locations throughout Northern Illinois and Southern