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Serving Southern Wisconsin’s Physical Therapy Needs

Visit our Kenosha South Location

All of us at SPT are here to provide a network of service in the physical therapy scope that residents of the southside of Kenosha need and deserve. After 25 years of providing the best possible care, it is time to bring that service back to the neighborhoods of Kenosha’s southside. Our team members are focused on providing personalized, compassionate, and flexible care. We will work in conjunction with you and your physician to achieve success and good health.

  • Sports Physical Therapists offices provide comprehensive services, including:
  • Industrial rehabilitation, powered by OccuPro ®
  • Sports medicine and Outreach Program
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy

We also offer specialty services designed to assist our patients in reaching their rehabilitation goals even faster. These include:

  • Game Ready: the number one recovery technology for thousands of patients, elite athletes, and professional teams in every sport that delivers clinically proven benefits.
  • Vestibular/Balance Therapy can help treat balance problems by identifying their causes, and designing an individual treatment program to improve balance and mobility.
  • Concussion Program – Our providers use ImPACT to evaluate and manage suspected concussions with specific testing before and after a concussion diagnosis.

Sports Physical Therapists (SPT) was created with the patient in mind. Carmelo Tenuta, Principal and Partner, along with a senior team of therapists, founded SPT in January 2016. The level of experience at SPT is unmatched. As Tenuta explains, “Our doctorate-level therapists have been providing outpatient physical therapy services in southeastern Wisconsin for nearly 30 years.”

“Sports Physical Therapists offers the most complete physical therapy services around,” states Tenuta. Our modern therapy techniques and unmatched experience are specifically tailored to get you back to your best. We provide exceptional personalized care for one reason and one reason only—the best possible results for our patients.”

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Not sure if Kenosha South is the best location for you?

We have 11 points of service in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin to serve our clients, including two others that might be convenient: 3620 57th Avenue, Suite 400 on Kenosha’s north side, or 9809 39th Avenue, Suite 2, in Pleasant Prairie.