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Sports Physical Therapists offers the most complete physical and occupational therapy services with exceptional personal care.

PT Services

Physical Therapy is a dynamic profession that is scientific based in the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of optimal function.

Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy is provided for a wide range of individuals who have or may develop impairments, limitations, and restrictions related to musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and neuromuscular conditions.

Our Services

Hand Therapy

We are proud to have highly qualified, experienced certified hand therapists (CHTs) on our care team.

Hand Therapy

We are proud to have highly qualified, experienced certified hand therapists (CHTs) on our care team. SPT has Certified Hand Therapists on staff who are members of the American Society of Hand Therapists.

Hand Therapy

In-Home Therapy

By removing the need for transportation, you can begin your recovery process in the comfort of your own home.

In-Home Therapy

Give us a call or stop by.

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Occupational Medicine

Our Industrial Rehabilitation Specialists develop a treatment plan with return-to-work goals specific to each patient's injury and essential job function.

Occupational Medicine

Our Industrial Rehabilitation Specialists will perform a comprehensive evaluation and develop a treatment plan with return-to-work goals specific to each patient’s injury and essential job function.

“I can’t say enough about the excellent therapy I received. Nicki at Sports PT showed great insight with any conditions/symptoms that I showed with my knee and my hip replacement surgeries. Always attentive and sensitive to each session’s needs, Nicki showed amazing knowledge, and was always friendly and fun. She has a gift of compassion for every patient I’ve seen her work with, and she pushes to reach maximum benefits without pushing too much. I would recommend Sports PT to everyone, any age or condition.”


“Great program that addresses the issue being treated for.  Great group of employees to work with and good range of hours.”

Thomas Tass

“I am very happy with the progress that I have made here.  They have done a perfect job getting me back to my daily routines and walking without pain!”


“I received excellent care, support, and encouragement from the staff at Sports PT.  They’re very professional, dedicated and friendly. I highly recommend!”


“I feel like the therapists here at sports physical therapists are well versed in their craft.  I would definitely recommend them to others. I am satisfied overall with the care and attention they’ve shown me.”


“Everyone here is so fantastic Sandra and Kristen helped me through some very hard times of pain, and John and Gabi were very supportive and helpful. There isn’t anyone in the clinic that won’t give a minute of their time for advice questions or assistance. I recommend this group to anyone. Thank you for everything Sports Physical Therapists.”


“Sports Physical Therapists has helped my arthritis very much. I’m able to walk and stand better and longer. I recommend Sports PT to anyone with this problem.”


“Due to a serious leg injury, my doctor referred me to Sports Physical Therapists. Four months ago, I was unable to walk, I was non weight bearing and in a lot of pain. With the amazing care of my therapists, Mike Leitza and Cina, I am now able to walk put weight on my leg and I have begun to do things I was not able to do before. I would recommend Sports PT to anyone that wants excellent care by an outstanding group of people who put you and your recovery first. Thank you Sports Physical Therapists, you are the best!”

Carla L.

“My son was living with limited motion and pain in his hip from an injury that happened over a year ago. Sandra from Sports Physical Therapists, not only rehabilitated my son so he has more flexibility, strength and motion, she also educated him so he can maintain the success he reached at SPT. The entire staff contributed to a positive experience at SPT. From the moment you walk into the door, with their friendly staff to the treatment with the committed professional therapists, we felt comfortable and in good hands with SPT.”

Sarah Baldwin

“There are not enough words to describe how great this place is. They are super caring and extremely knowledgeable about what they do. Rachel Midday and Rachel C. have a very welcoming personality and a caring attitude that makes you feel at home.”

Peter A.

“I can’t express enough how much I love Sports Physical Therapists. Within only one week of physical therapy, after many months of disability, I barely need to use my crutches anymore. I’m so pleased with the improvement that has been made. Thank you Carmelo Tenuta!”

Valerie Barlett

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